Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One bed, two projects

And the projects just keep rolling on. We found a sectional last night, and I will post more about that next week after we pick it up. So excited! Now on to today's post, which is actually two-fold because it involves two projects for one bed. I decided that I wanted to put just a twin size bed in the guest room for the maybe twice a year anyone would be sleeping in there. The main purpose of the room is to serve as an office, so I thought the twin bed could double as a couch when needed.

In order to make it more couch-like I decided to do away with the bed frame and add furniture feet instead. A dust ruffle also would have been too bed-like, so I instead opted to cover the boxspring with fabric after seeing a pin on Pinterest. So clever! So here's the pinspiration and then my take on it:
The pinspiration via Urban Nest
I started out with the bed I found on Craigslist for just $35. I still have yet to sell the unused bed frame, which should net me $20 in return. I found some cute white and orange striped fabric online, which ended up being the wrong shade of orange for the room. Way too bright. So I popped into my local JoAnn's and found the lovely stripe you see above. It is more perfect than I could have hoped for. It pulls in the beige from the walls, the gray from the curtains, the white from the trim and the orange and the black from the accessories. I love it so much I plan on using the leftovers to make a pillow for the couch/bed and have already used it to cover two fabric lampshades!

Once I had the fabric, it was time to purchase the feet. I went to Lowes and scored five of these bad boys for $6.98 a piece.
Purchase your own at Lowes
And then I stained them using Cabot, which I had mixed at Lowes to an ebony color.

While the feet dried I set about actually covering the boxspring. The whole process was pretty easy to follow. Urban Nest laid out some great instructions to follow if you are interested in trying your own:
Instructions on how to cover a boxspring.
In order to get the best possible corners, I first trimmed a strip of the fabric and stapled that down. I treated each of the four sides of the bed as individuals with their own strips of fabric. When I got to the corner, I folded the edge down to give it a crisp edge and then stapled it at both the top and the bottom of the boxspring. The corner strips also helped since the striped fabric did not match up perfectly, it didn't matter.

I also drilled my foot holes after I covered the boxspring. I just moved aside the fabric where needed. I added a fifth foot to the middle for more support.

So while I was working on covering the boxspring, I was also working on the headboard. Awhile ago I had fallen in love with a DIY headboard on Pinterest and decided to make one for myself:
Pinspiration via Hazzards Hypotheses
So while I was staining the feet for the bed, I also stained four 1x6's I picked up at Lowes the same day. They were unfinished pine boards. I will admit that this project did not go as smooth as I had wanted. It took forever for the stain to dry on these boards vs. the furniture feet. Very odd considering I actually did wipe them down between coats. I also tried to follow the instructions to a T from Hazzards' blog but the Command Strips by 3M would not stick. So I actually ended up drilling holes on each end of the boards and then using wood screws, which I had spray painted black, to attach them to the wall. You don't even ntocie the screws since the knotty pine took up the stain more in some spots making the wood look aged by glossy. Very cool looking. But now those suckers are very secure so I don't have to worry about them every injuring someone sleeping there.

I really like how they turned out and can't wait to make more pillows to throw on there to really make it an inviting place to chill. My new sewing machine arrived. I hope to start playing with it over the weekend while my fiance is pulling a 24+ hour shift. Slowly but surely, the room is coming together!

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