Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dresser Turned Media Stand

I had been on the lookout for dressers to turn into a media stands to go under my TVs in both the living room and master bedroom. Well, my hunt is halfway over! After months of scouring Craigslist, I finally found a piece that is almost exactly what I was looking for in the living room!

My new dresser turned media stand!

You see, I have a dog named Franklin, and Franklin likes to shed. Like, a lot. I could sweep and vacuum on a daily basis and be able to fill up the pillows I need to sew for the guest room. So not cool. The piece that I had beneath both TVs was actually just a cheap cubbyhole bookshelf from Target. It was dark brown color like all my other furniture pieces and held my TV equipment and some photos and knick-knacks just fine. That is until the hair, and dust, and dander from the dog started accumulating inside each of the cubbyholes. I could dust those things everyday and be able to fill up the pillows I need to sew for my new sectional, too. So not cool.

Closetmaid Cubicals from Target that I was using under my TVs

I decided that what I needed were dressers under there. Not only to add some great storage in both spots (very much needed), but also to only have to dust one surface and not twelve cubbyholes. I also wanted both dressers to go all the way down to the floor, so that no hair-tumbleweeds would get trapped under there.

As you can see from the image above, the dresser does not go to the floor, alas, it's almost exactly what I was looking for. But, it fit all the other criteria: shelves to put the TV and Internet equipment on, doors to conceal the equipment when not in use, both tall and wide, no fancy woodwork, under $100 and solidly built.  

It still needs some work. The bottom left draw is a little saggy, one of the handles is missing and another fell off while moving it into the house. I also plan on painting it. It was only $100 and in great shape and actually doesn't need to be painted, but I just think the wood tone clashes with my other wood tones in the room. I also want to lighten up the room a bit, so I think painting it with Old White chalk paint by Annie Sloan will help make the piece a bit brighter. I think I'll leave the top unpainted and just stain it darker to match the other wood finishes in the room. Of course I'll keep you posted on that. The paint has been ordered and hopefully I can tackle that while the fiance is on night calls later this month!
My Pinspiration for the finished piece! From here

And the search continues for another dresser for the master bedroom. That one will need to be much smaller to fit the space though. And I am thinking about doing an ombre treatment of sorts. It is so trendy right now. Funny thing is, it'll match my bedspread perfectly!

Not my actual bedroom, but I do own the bedspread! Pinspiration from here, bedspread from here.

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