Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lampshade Upcycle

I wish I could claim this project as my own because it came out so beautiful, but I can't. It was actually my super talented, very creative mother who upcycled this plain lampshade into a must have for every beach house! Take a look:

Seashell Lampshade made by my mom!
Gorgeous, right? She never admits it, but she is quite a talented artist. I have several paintings of hers that she did in her teens and early twenties that are quite impressive. I treasure them and proudly display them on my walls. I'll have to remember to share them here. Okay back to the lampshade.

My mom used a product called Snow Real. I had never heard of it but a quick Google search tells me that its usually used to make decorative snow for craft projects and displays. How ingenious of my mom to think to use it in the this application. A great adaptation indeed!
Some information on Snow Real!
She explained that she laid down a layer with a foam brush and used it almost like cement to stick the various shells on. The jar are small she warned. This project took about 2 1/2 jars to complete. She then braided the jute rope herself and used a glue gun to secure it around the shade.

I love the three dimensional quality that the shells and rope provide. I love that the colors are neutral enough to go with just about any base. This lampshade obviously would go perfect with a coastal/beach house decor, but I can see it fitting in with a lot of design schemes, especially high-end. Well done, Mom! I want one for my house now!

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