Monday, January 14, 2013

Craving a new canvas

I can't even tell you how long I have been wanting this:

Dining room of the 2009 HGTV Green Home
Ever since I saw this online when HGTV was giving away its 2009 Green Home, that's how long. This 4-foot-high triptych, entitled Lord Denver's Prize Horse Aditoc, retails for a pretty penny, like $3,900 worth of pennies.

I thought of ways I could make my own version, but the thought of taking my own picture of Ellie (my horse) and blowing it up, and then figuring out the best way to cut it up, was just rattling my brain. I think it would have been really expensive, too, when all was said and done. So I just put the thought out of my head that I'd ever own a beauty like this.

Then One Kings Lane was having a flash sale for a similar looking print. Even though I pinned it as Pinspiration, I just couldn't stomach the $549 price tag either.
Via my Pinterest page, on sale from One Kings Lane for $549

But then last night, on my hunt for a new sectional for the living room, I stopped in at my local Value City Furniture. I bought most of the furniture in my house there and always like to check out their clearance room for any good deals. The clearance section was a bust, but then as I wandered the store, I noticed a large, 3-piece canvas print set. I had seen it before. In fact, I had texted a picture of it to my mom months back when I first noticed it, but the $300 they were asking was still a bit steep for me. But this time it wasn't the print that caught my eye, it was the 75% off tag hanging off of it that got my heart racing. Could it be that I could have this print that I so desired for a mere $75! Yes!

My new 3-piece horse art canvas in the living room
You better believe I bought this bad boy and had it up in my living room in a few hours later. Its huge! It's 5 feet tall and the way I spaced it out, more than 6 feet wide. I am in love! Hope the fiance doesn't mind the invasion of horses that has taken over my house lately. Don't mind the nasty couch. That is being replaced hopefully after this weekend. Hoping to get a nice brown leather sectional that'll hold up better to the furball and droolball known as Franklin! Of course, there will be a post on that, too!

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